Are you feeling stuck & not good enough?

I was. I felt confused and lost for years cause I didn’t know what I was meant to do and had no idea where to start to figure it out. I never found it easy to fit in. To follow the crowd, the trends, the rules. What I was supposed to do in my teenager years were the things I hated. Going out partying was a real torture for me and I rather spent my friday nights home reading a biography of a legend.  Imagining the life of these people made me jump into their story and feel how they felt breaking rules and making insane dreams come true. I wanted that feeling. I was craving to feel that. They were weird, crazy, stubborn and determined. Just like me, except that they had an idea and I didn’t. 

I was lacking having a mission, the confidence to go after my dreams and craved guidance. I knew something was coming, I just had to find it. I attended the best improvisation school for 4 years. In 4 years I evolved and grew into someone who enjoyed being on stage like nothing else. Yet I didn’t feel it was my mission to become an actress. It was a deep deep passion and fulfilment but something was missing. At the age of 19 I went to a TED event. All alone, not knowing what to except I sat down innocently. By the end of the first speech I knew there was a new sparkle in me. The way someone was standing on a stage sharing thoughts, visions, ideas, all alone with incredible passion and ambition the concept started to get together. I wanted that. I wanted to be on a stage inspiring people and making them feel the way I felt in that audience.

1,5 year later I moved to Vienna to start my studies there. I craved the adventure of living alone in a new city. This is where I truly learned how much power being alone has. I was never lonely cause I became my best friend. Instead of figuring life out I started figuring myself out. So it turned out that I was an introvert. Having a few jobs here and there, an internship at a big Magazine made me realize that if I ever went climbing the corporate ladder. I found it extremely hard to fit in, let anyone tell me how to spend my days, when to wake up and what to do in 8 hours. 

 It was time to figure out my mission after figuring out myself. 

I started spending hours daily with personal development and deep mindset work. I was fascinated by the power of our thoughts, law of attraction, psychology and human drive since I was 12. Yet I never went further than reading the books, attending trainings and watching the educational videos. I knew quite a lot about human potential and how our brain works but I was lazy and scared to start implementing them. I guess I was afraid what would happen if I really went all in. Until I stepped outside my comfortzone and actually started transforming my mind, habits and lifestyle.

I felt that the biggest thing standing between me and my highest self was my own self-sabotage. Consiously or subconsiously. It was damn enough, it was damn boring living in my own fear and building my own limits.


So I decided to BE who I dreamed of BECOMING.


Personal development and mindset growth became a priority. It all felt like getting rid of an old idenity and taking off layers  that didn’t belong to me. I felt lighter and day to day more free.

Meanwhile I kept watching extremely wise people teaching their passion and shaking up souls. I wasn’t only addicted to my change but I started realizing that every time I was watching them I felt the nudge of jumping into the screen and doing the same. The concept became clearer and clearer. A huge big vision started to evolve. First I felt intimidating by the thought of me going after it. I wasn’t scared of the dream, but of others seeing me starting small. Yet this time, my drive was bigger than this fear. And I went for it..

  • I hired my first business and mindset coach. 
  • I started my podcast Girls on a Mission. 
  • I started building my business that allows me to fuck the rules and do my own damn thing, changing lifes of other millennials who are in the situation I was in.

The lack of mission that caused me to become so desperate, made me grow 10 times faster, made me showing up boldly for my dreams everyday and made me create a lifestyle and a mission that supports other girls on a mission to find and go after their Big Ideas and be the woman they dream of becoming

Coaching became my drive. It was that inner transformation that made my outside world different. I love speaking and empowering from my deepest soul, yet listening deep and asking powerful questions became an even bigger gift in my life. Now it wasn’t about purely my transformation and development but about studying psychology and the human brain like a freak and deepening my coaching skills became a daily priority. 

My specality and focus is on healing the past, getting rid of limiting beliefs, blocks and self-sabotage and understanding the power of the mind. Teaching everything I learned and experienced is an experience I can’t even put into words. Our mind is extremely powerful and it is either the wind behind us easily taking us forward or the anchor holding us back, not allowing us to move. Everything I teach is connected to our mind, our power and abiity to create new habits, new thoughts patterns and a new life. It’s about understanding and implementing manifestation, the law of attraction creating a Big Vision and knowing how to go after it.


MY mission is helping you re-descover your BEST, most CONFIDENT self, release outdated limiting beliefs and fear and step into the IDENTITY of the Woman who is capable of achieving your ULTIMATE VISION.

And let me tell you, being an entrepreneur and coach is far beyond fulfilling than I ever thought I could experience.


Showing you how to get unstuck & dettach from your own limiting beliefs, how to master your mindset so you can build your life based on your own rules. I stand for not giving a damn about what others do or want from us. I stand for being ambitious as heck and grabbing those huge goals. I stand for becoming our highest self within our twenties. What I stand for is what I pass on. There is nothing I hide, working with me means that I empower you, open your eyes and kick your butt to do the damn thing until you realize you don’t even need a kick cause you want it so freakin much.

Looking to change your habits, your career, your life but lack the Confidence to take action?

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