Life is a Play. I help you play BIGGER.
Women who play big know and pursue their Purpose with Confidence and live as an example for other women.

I’m not gonna make this one of those endless long websites. Instead I’ll get to the point and if I speak to your soul, you’ll know you’re a good match and that you were guided onto this page.

This 1:1 coaching Program is designed for the highly ambitious wild hearted woman who feels that she is on the edge of change. She really, really wants to: 

- Finally uncover & awaken her Purpose

- Turn her Purpose driven ideas into a Project/Business for her own fulfillment and to make an impact and be an

example for others ( she feels she is born to make BIG things happen )

- Find alignment & connect to her intuition

- Gain crystal clarity on the direction she wants to go

- Fully be confident in pursuing her Purpose and launch it

to the world with zero doubt

- Lean into infinite self-belief & trust so nothing can hold her back anymore

- Change her current mindset into an abundant mindset that unlocks her Manifestation Power with ease

Working with me means

  • There is NO dream that’s too big. The phrase “too big” doesn’t exist in my vocab and I hold you in that space
  • Massively upleveling meaning you drop the bullshit stories, limiting beliefs, excuses, fear of not being good enough and shift into your most confident self. I hold the mirror for you and remind you every time you are falling back into your old comfortzone or start playing small again.
  • Eventho I’m challenging you to be the badass you know you are, you’re still in a safe space to fully be yourself, share all your fears and doubts so that we can work through them and you can release them fully and feel light and bright again
  • check
    You’re figuring yourself out on levels like never before. You gain such crystal clarity that the word “stuck” can be fully deleted from your brain
  • check
    You’re reprogramed for success on every level because we find every block that’s not allowing you to step into success and eliminate it from your life.
  • check
    You’re finally moving the needle forward. That purpose driven idea/business/project is growing into reality
  • check
    - You’re co-creating with the Universe as you massively uplevel
  • check
    You’re in my high-vibe space and I hold you accountable for each of your desires, commitments and dreams. Falling off the vagon? Not with me, that’s not the game we play

Now let’s quickly check all the things that will help you achieve all of this and way, way, way more (It’ll actually change your reality. As you are growing into the woman who owns her Purpose and Confidence and pursues it unapologaticaly)

  • Realize what are your biggest hidden mindset blocks that sabotage your fulfillment and learn the most transformative Release techniques to eliminate them fully from your life and by clearing them out of your system, there’ll be space for your new abundant beliefs.
  • Learn how to let go of co​​​​ntrol, surrender and get out of your own way.
  • Learn how to figure yourself out, always when you feel stuck, so you can unstuck yourself with ease, fast
  • check
    Learn how to allow yourself to have it all & not feel guilty for wanting it all. The big desires, the “impossible” will become fun and a play, only a play. No more shame or fear around wanting more.
  • check
    Learn how to co-create with the universe a reality aligned with your wildest dreams.

I infuse the strategic with a lot of manifestation and mindset magic. It’s a mix of strategic planning but to be honest, the real transformation will happen outside the strategic and in the mindset shifts and aha-moments you will have while uncovering your truth, your purpose and your next aligned inspired action steps.

We’ll have honest, raw and deep coaching session where you fully open up and transform on the spot. It’s upleveling just by talking with me.

I can tell you one thing. It doesn’t have to be hard. I can show you that rising into your next level self isn’t overwhelming nor hard. It’s actually the most expansive, self-actualizing, high-vibe and playful growth.

What do you have to believe to be true about yourself to start playing big, to unapoligaticaly go after your Purpose and Desires?

We will figure that out & make sure by the end of our work you believe that and even more and bigger about yourself!

Now, if you feel it's your time to end hiding & take the leap right into playing bigger then let's start talking. 

Sending massive love, 

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